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Because of the current state of the economy, today’s big rig drivers are under constant pressure to get their loads delivered to their destination as cost-effectively as possible. The sooner they can deliver their cargo, the more profitable their run will be. Unfortunately, many truck drivers tend to cut corners and operate their rigs when they are already exhausted. But what they are really doing is sacrificing the safety of others on the road as well as their own when they do this for the sake of saving time and money. This is one of the primary reasons for accidents all over the country which leads to innumerable injuries and even death in many cases.

In addition to driving while overly tired, they may skip those required maintenance checks or speed excessively on the open road, once again putting their lives and the lives of others at serious risk of a catastrophic accident. In a personal injury case, this is more commonly known as negligence or negligent behavior and it can lead to devastating consequences. The risk of serious injury is already much greater when a big rig and other motor vehicle are involved, especially when you consider that their total weight is in the tens of thousands of pounds.

If you were recently involved in an accident with one of these big trucks and were seriously injured, or if a loved one has perished as a result of similar circumstances, 305-HELP-NOW can help. We can assist you in finding a truck accident lawyer in Miami to handle your claim and represent your case. Our attorney referral service has the most comprehensive group of professionals who specialize in all aspects of personal injury law, some of whom help with truck crash victims on a regular basis. All of the listed attorney and legal services have qualified our stringent criteria of quality and success. We only work with the best Miami truck accident lawyer firms so that you can get justice for your injuries.

Two Primary Catalysts

Your Miami truck accident lawyer will waste no time calling for an investigation as quickly as possible so that no evidence that is critical to your case disappears by being overly exposed to the elements. Our skilled team will thoroughly examine the accident site to investigate potential recovery sources. Plus, an accident reconstruction specialist will interview witnesses, measure any skid marks, and take notes regarding traffic conditions at the time the accident occurred.

Furthermore, your attorney’s investigative team will delve into the driver’s history to determine how many prior accidents he or she has been involved in. At the same time, they will check on the employment and training practices of the trucking company if the truck driver is not an independent contractor. This enables our truck accident injury lawyer in Miami team to determine if the company was negligent in their hiring practices and/or the driver was improperly trained.

No stone will be left unturned during the investigative process. Black boxes, fuel tickets, log books, and maintenance records will all be thoroughly evaluated at this time. We will ensure that every angle is processed in order to determine if the liability was due to the truck driver’s negligence or that of the trucking company or its owner as follows:

Driver negligence – the individual will be held responsible for DUI/DWI (alcohol and drugs), reckless driving, and/or speeding, and texting while driving.

Trucking company or owner negligence – your truck accident lawyer Miami has the necessary experience required to prove if the company or owner is at fault for the accident regardless of the size of trucks they use.

Along with aggressively representing you and your case in the courtroom, at the negotiating table, or both, the we are the right truck accident attorney in Miami that will pursue the maximum compensation settlement for your injuries and damages. This includes your past, current, and future earnings, medical expenses, and pain and suffering. 305-HELP-NOW is the first step towards seeing that you get the compensation you are deserving of. Contact 305-HELP-NOW today for a FREE consultation.