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According to both the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI), roughly 1 million Americans per year incur some type of injury in slip or trip and fall accidents. Depending on the nature of the fall, these injuries range from minor to extremely severe. In some instances, they can be crippling and in the case of an elderly person or very young child, they can even be fatal. Unfortunately, slip and fall or trip and fall accidents can occur just about any time and anywhere given the proper conditions. This is why it pays to consult with an experienced slip and fall attorney Miami.

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Our Miami trip and fall attorneys have ample experience helping victims of Miami slip and fall cases get justice and applicable compensation to tide over the mental and physical pain and trauma they have undergone. Our Miami slip and fall lawyers not only have extensive experience at trials but are not intimidated by aggressive insurance company’s legal team. They will pursue your case until you are compensated adequately for the trauma and pain that you have undergone.

What Causes These Types of Slip and Fall Accidents?

Although just about any individual can trip over their own two feet and hurt themselves, many of these falls, especially those resulting in serious injuries, occur because the conditions where the individual was walking were hazardous and not marked as such. Statistics show that the main causes of slip or trip and fall accidents include:

• Abrupt edges on driveways or sidewalks
• Appliance or other types of cords that lay across walking paths
• Broken railings
• Carpeting or rugs that are not secure
• Changes in floor surfacing
• Changes in surface elevation (e.g. small step-downs)
• Cracked or raised sidewalks
• Flooring surfaces or uneven tiling
• Floors or parking lots that are slippery or wet
• Improper or inadequate lighting
• Stair treads that are too narrow or uneven

In most cases, you will find dangerous conditions such as these in public areas such as parking lots and sidewalks, shopping centers, and stores. If you have been injured as a result of any of these conditions, 305-HELP-NOW can assist you in finding a qualified slip and fall lawyer Miami to represent you and your personal injury claim.

How Serious Can Slip & Fall / Trip & Fall Accidents Be?

Unless it happens to you, it may be difficult to understand how serious a slip & fall or trip & fall accident can really be. The seriousness of the injuries that an individual incurs usually depends on the type of surface they were walking on at the time they had the accident (i.e. elevated or level). Although accidents that occur on an elevated surface typically cause injuries that are more severe, slip and fall or trip and fall accidents are much more common on level surfaces.

Bone fractures, bruises, and head injuries tend to be the most common type. However, they can range from mildly serious to fatal. The more serious complications that can arise from a more severe slip or trip and fall accident include:

• Incapacitation
• Permanent disabilities
• Spinal cord injuries
• Traumatic brain injuries
• Death

If any of these apply to you or a loved one, you should consider contacting 305-HELP-NOW to discuss your case with an experienced slip and fall or trip and fall lawyer Miami.

Determining Responsibility

An experienced and skilled trip and fall attorney Miami understands that the burden of proof is on the victim and that the case hinges on determining responsibility. In most instances, the property owner will have to compensate the victim for their injuries and any other damages that are asked for in their case. This is usually based on one of the following:

• Extent and severity of the victim’s injuries
• If the property owner had an obligation to the victim
• If there was a breach of the obligation

If you or a loved one were injured in a slip or trip and fall accident, or a loved died as a result of their injuries, 305 HELP-NOW can refer you to the right slip and fall attorney Miami firm for handling your case and personal injury claim. Contact 305 HELP-NOW today and let us help you get the claim settled amicably.